Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Time, Our Place

Who knew when I wrote my novel, My Favorite Midlife Crisis (Yet), that the book would touch the hearts and engage the minds of so many women? They identified with Dr. Gwyneth Berke, a gynecologist divorced under (hilariously) awful circumstances after a long marriage. They empathized with recently widowed Kat Greenfield in her battle with serious health problems. They cheered on quick-witted businesswoman Fleur Talbot--never married but rarin' to go. And they laughed and cried along with these characters through their struggles and triumphs.

The response to My Favorite Midlife Crisis (Yet) was incredibly rewarding. "Thanks for showcasing women at midlife" was a major theme. "Why are we invisible? Why are we being ignored?" Also: "Wait until you hear my story." And they shared. Oh, did they share! Though my website, at my book signings, on radio tours, in the Q and A's after speaking engagements, bright, energetic women like you shared their joys and heartaches. They also voiced their questions and complaints. And I had the privilege of talking with them and listening to them for which I will be forever grateful.

A consequence of those conversations has been my writing more stories about women in midlife. This blog is another. Welcome to Midlife Passions where we'll talk about topics we're passionate about--subjects that deal with our time and our place in a changing world. It's going to be interactive experience for all of us. So read on and write in. And let's have some fun.


  1. Thanks, Willa. I'll be posting at least once a week, sometimes twice. Some juicy topics are lined up! Lots for all of us to talk about.

  2. Love your header. Great sexy legs.

  3. Loved your book My Favorite Midlife Crisis (yet). It's about time we had a chance to talk about MidLife online. And you're just the person to lead the discussion.

  4. I knew I was in mid-life and beyond when I mentioned "The Beach Boys" at work and the kids that work there said, "Who?" Thank goodness we now have a place where we can read and discuss our mid-lifeNESS. Yes, that a word...NOW.

  5. Well, Eileen, I've had the opportunity to meet and talk to so many midlife women at book signings, pesentations etc. related to my novel, I was inspired to make this home for us online.

    Mid-lifeness, sounds like a perfectly fine word to me. It doesn't make us "midlifers" does it? Now that sounds like we're in prison! In fact, I'm finding this the free-est time of my life. Keep on posting, Queen JJ.